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Kate Olah

Creative Director

Kate is a Tampa Native and is the founder of Night & Day Home Design. She leads a team of talented individuals that see your project through from start to finish, all while creating a home that reflects your family’s lifestyle with atypical ideas, distinctive style, and inventiveness. Design isn’t just about creating trendy rooms, it is about warmth, harmony, and creating a functional place for our Clients and their families to enjoy. 

While we strive to create a unique design that fits each and every Client, our design concept centralizes around an Organic Transitional style, mixing old-world and traditional charm with the clean lines of modern design.  We are here to assist you with combining your specific style with our area of expertise, turning your home into a place you never want to leave. 


“There were a few things that made me realize that interior design was the perfect fit for me. Growing up, it was safe to say that Art was always by far my favorite subject in school, and where I got lost in time. I was also obsessed with rearranging my room- I know it must have driven my mom crazy, coming home and my bed being in a completely different spot that probably didn’t make much sense, but she let me live out my creative dreams and that’s a huge part of what got me here today."

"Fast Forward to high school, we were assigned a project: create a collage board of our life. It seemed simple enough. Most of my classmates slapped some stuff on a board and called it finished. I, on the other hand, spent a week on my board, carefully placing every piece in strategic layers, while mixing materials and colors for dimension. After my presentation, my teacher pulled me aside and gave me the best advice - he told me to take this project as an opportunity to see my obvious career direction, and it was then completely clear to me. I needed to choose a profession doing something that encompasses my eye to create and design. I think all of these experiences, along with many more,  turned out to be the building blocks that led me to find my passion for Interior Design."

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